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Our Pastor - Michael Arnwine


Born a native of Knoxville, TN, Pastor Mike Arnwine was raised in the projects of Southern California.  At a very young age Pastor Mike witnessed war on the streets with young Latinos and African Americans. He saw many of his friends die too soon and too quick.  However, he is quick to thank God for a praying mother who was persistent on getting her family out of Eliso Village.  At the ripe age of six, Pastor Mike received his calling form the Lord, but like any six year old he ran from it until the age of thirteen.


As a noted athlete Pastor Mike engaged in high school sports until he decided to transfer from LA High to Dorsey High.  While in attendance at Dorsey, Pastor Mike founded his own musical group which performed at various functions.  He established a high school prayer group and became a noted youth speaker traveling across southern California.  After graduating from high school he attended Life Bible College where he majored in evangelism and music.


Pastor Mike's music abilities placed him in the music industry with noted musicians such as Billy Preston, Andre Crouch, the Brothers Johnson, Robert Wright, and several others.  It was at this time that he decided to give himself completely over to the ministry of God.  He moved to the Antelope Valley and began his work as a minister of music and youth director.  It was at this time that he met his future wife.  They began their life together working with young people.


While pastoring a youth group with his wife Dorelle, he founded a contemporary gospel group called, "Phocus", which featured local talent singing original scores by Pastor Mike.  After six years with First Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Henry Hearns where Pastor Mike & his wife Dorelle sensed the leading of the Holy Spirit to take over the pastorship at "Whosoever Will Church", at which time was under the leadership of Pastor Tommy Tillman, after approximately a year and a half, God moved Pastor Mike to start "Prevailing Word Ministries" which would later become, "Prevailing Word Christian Center". He has operated as a leader and Pastor for over 11 years.


 His musical gift along with the need to reach the younger generation prompted Pastor Mike to establish an outreach ministry called "Rallies around the City."  Utilizing singers, musicians, dancers and actors, it is his goal to help others find their full potential through a positive message.  Pastor Mike's unique method of comedy and straight talk conveys a "right now" message for a "right now" generation.

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